Advantage sanrav

SANRAV tutorials uses quality processes based on Systematic Analysis Framework (SAF). This unique problem solving approach provides students a system to approach all topics that they encounter in school. This system seeks to provide the student with a mechanism in which they can solve their own queries. This system differs from most tutors who are primarily concerned with answering the student’s immediate questions and not concerned with providing the students with basic problem solving skills for future applications.

1.    Scientifically designed coursework with continuous evaluation and feedback mechanism for student’s performance

Our course structure is designed to focus on conceptual clarity instead of making the students learn through rote. The course materials emphasize more on learning through real life problems and their solution rather than just text based learning.

The Course material, collection of Study Material, Practice Exercises, Unit Tests, Cumulative Tests and Model Exams, is well-researched and provides exhaustive coverage of the concepts. It is prepared by the experts who have vast experience of teaching students at various levels of board exams.

We hold doubt clearing sessions on regular basis. Our feedback and analysis sessions ensure that students could identify their shortcomings in their preparations and prepare better for next test. It also helps students in managing time and coping up with the pressure during examinations.

2.    Well qualified and experienced faculty

SANRAV has its own in house training program for its faculty members. Our faculty training program helps them to understand innovative teaching methods, importance of maintaining positive attitude, effective presentation skills, power of humour in teaching, what motivates students to learn, methods of development of hidden talents in students and how to maintain positive teacher-student relationships.

3.    Career guidance and workshops by high achievers/industry experts

The objective of career guidance is to create awareness for students to make informed decision on their educational and career path, provide platform for students to ask questions related to various educational institutions and professions, to provide information to the students on the different courses available from different educational institutions and to motivate students to work hard towards their goals and inspirations.

4.    Individual attention and monitoring of students

5.    Well equipped library/ audio-visual materials

6.    State of the art teaching aids and equipments