The program

Objective of the tuition program offered by SANRAV is to build a strong foundation and to create a successful student instead of just helping out students to score good marks in end term examinations. Our program does not focus on making student score marks by learning through rote. We focus on adding value to the student through concept clarity and skill generation. This finally leads student to:

  • Better grades in Summative Assessment.
  • Increased class participations.
  • Better performance in oral tests, quizzes, project works and assignments (formative assessment).

It covers the following subjects:

    1. Mathematics
    2. Science (Physics; Chemistry; Biology)
    3. English.

It is presently available for the following state/central boards

    1. CBSE
    2. ICSE
    3. Bihar State Board

It covers the school curriculum for the students of classes VIII, IX and X